The Firm is experienced and knowledgeable in domestic relations matters. We represent husbands and wives, and fathers and mothers in all aspects of family law, including dissolution, legal separation, and annulment, addressing issues such as property division, child custody, parenting access, the establishment, modification, and enforcement of child support and spousal maintenance, and other post-decree matters.

We have the experience necessary to assertively negotiate settlement agreements and take cases to trial where necessary. We bring to every case a personal commitment to obtaining the best possible result for our clients. We are accessible and responsive, carefully selecting the volume of our cases thus enabling our attorneys to devote the necessary time to effectively represent each client. Whether negotiating a settlement or in trial, our firm brings a depth of creativity, competence, integrity and understanding unmatched elsewhere.

In addition, we prepare prenuptial agreements, providing sound legal advice to clients contemplating marriage. Individuals considering marriage who have children from a prior marriage, who own an interest in a business, or who have substantial property, should receive legal advice from our firm about whether a prenuptial agreement makes sense for them.

Our Firm is uniquely qualified to handle complex domestic relations cases. While trying cases is a particular strength, we care about our clients and understand the economic and emotional value in resolving family law matters short of litigation. When possible and appropriate, we negotiate settlements that can avoid the expense and disruption of courtroom proceedings while ensuring that our client's interests are protected. Our skill in utilizing alternative dispute resolution processes is strengthened by our specialized training in mediation, in the collaborative divorce process and our arbitration experience. We have an impressive track-record of achieving pre-trial settlements for our clients. Through our trial experience, strong record in alternative dispute resolution, and advanced information technology systems, we strive to protect your legal rights.


Our Firm is committed to providing our clients with the information and knowledge necessary to reaching a long-term optimal resolution of their family law issues. We believe that highly adversarial and protracted litigation in this area of the law, (though sometimes unavoidable), is most often counterproductive. In cases involving children, parties need to remember that they will be co-parenting for years to come. Unfortunately, after litigating these types of cases, parties typically feel unsatisfied with the process and may return to court again and again post-decree or post-judgment. We thus encourage and work toward a settlement of domestic disputes whenever possible. However, when settlement cannot be achieved, we have the experience and sensitivity to successfully represent our clients in court.

The Firm's lawyers can mediate or arbitrate your family law dispute. We are also available to assist clients in a referral or team based collaborative divorce.

For more information on how Wright & Wright PLLC can help you resolve your family law dispute, please contact Sarah L. Wright at (520) 512-5444.


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